Video for WEB & TV

Producind video, postproduction, special effects creation.

Video - arhive

Presented here for the video archive of our work in the field of video production is divided into several categories:

  1. Popular science films and documentaries.
  2. Commercials.
  3. Corporate films and presentations.
  4. Video shooting shows, concerts and other events.
  5. Training movies
  6. Family films

In each of the categories presented a series of works, which we consider the most interesting.

Popular science and documentary films


The film is about fires on the sea and river transport and ship's fire-extinguishing systems


Moscow subway. Automatic security system.

Video advertising for web and TV


The new car, "Bentley". Promotional video for WEB


Promotional TV spot. Visuals made by painter-animators.

Corporate movies & presentations


The Story of a large enterprise in the electricity sector - JSC "Energostalkonstruktsiya." The film was made for the 40th anniversary of the plant.


Another film about production. The group of companies "EPOTOS" - the largest developer and manufacturer of automatic extinguishing equipment.

Video-recording shows, concerts and other events

Fire People

A great show of street theater "Fire People" at a corporate holiday, the anniversary of one of Moscow's industrial firms.


Visitor tests the unique autonomous fire extinguishing. (Tver, garage cooperative.)

Producind video

Video Studio - is primarily a team of specialists with extensive experience in video production, with creativity and passion based on natural talent and love for their profession. The creative team of professionals - the foundation, without this video studio will not take place even if the huge investment.
The second component - a modern technology of video - production: professional cameras and camcorders, devices for camera movement (rails, cranes, stediсams, drones), lighting equipment, microphones, equipment for video-editing, simulation graphics and animation, creating video and audio special effects, music tracks,audio recording dictor, dubbing actor's voice and so on.
Finally, the third component of success in the video production, as well as in any other industry - a competent management of production, difficult relations in a team of creative people, the ability to position themselves in the market and to build a relationship with the customer. In short, the third component of this - management.

Each of these three components we pay enough attention to. This is the reason for the success of the RAMedia company's video-studio .