Content-management, copywriting

Full content-management of your site by the team of ours web-designers, programmers and copywriters.


The main purpose of the Internet is to provide information drawn up in the form of any text, pictures, videos. The three pillars on which stands the site, three types of content: text, photo, video. Filling the site with interesting text, high-quality photographs and video, regular updating of the information - all included in the task of content management of the site. Our company provides a service of content management of the site as a part of an integrated Internet marketing, which includes the production of all three content types, timely posting it on the site, regular updating and promotion of the important pages on your site in the search engines to increase traffic, the growing popularity of the company, the brand, products, and as a consequence, increase in sales.

Website - this is not the picture that you once have hanged on the wall and then you admire over the years, enjoying the masterpiece of the master. On the site you need to work all the time, he has to "live." Static sites, where the content is not updated for years die - the user loses interest in them.


Text quality of the site is very important to keep the visitors, so one of our activities as an important part of a comprehensive internet marketing is copywriting - writing a competent professional texts for sites on a given topic. Texts must first contain really important information for visitors to the site, but not only that. It is necessary to follow some special rules dictated by the features of the Internet search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.). The adjustment of texts for the proper indexing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Copywriter must always remember that he writes text not only for people but also for machine - search engine. Each of the texts for the website is created with the use of certain keywords, which are introduced in the article in accordance with the relevant SEO-requirements. This use of "keywords" can improve the position of a page in search engine results. And the higher the site in this peculiar "rating", the easier users to find it on the Internet.

One of the solutions to the problem of finding compromise between "human" and "machine" vector of the text is a sequence of the work, where the text, that written by copywriter, then checks SEO - specialist. That's right to work with the texts in the company RAMedia.


The second, but equally important of the content type is a photographs, drawings, illustrations, static images. Their importance is hard to overestimate. The site, devoid of high-quality, bright, stylish photos looks depressingly unattractive, cause rejection of the visitors. In company "RAMedia" are working professional photographers, the real masters of their craft. For high-quality photo shoots we are using appliances such well-known firms such as CANON, NICON, SONY. As for the artistic quality and taste, it is better to see than to read the description: