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Area of activity

In this age of information technology, any activity in the field of production of goods or services, any business pulls the whole train of accompanying these activities Information Products: websites, brochures, presentations, audio, video and photo advertisements, articles and publications on-line and off-line publications, CDs, posters, calendars, catalogs, and so on. As you know, demand creates supply, and today there are many narrowly specialized studios that satisfy this demand: web studio, video studio, recording studios, printing studio, advertising studio, photo studio, television studio. There are also many specialists, freelancers, employees - each in his own field: photographers, programmers, designers, artists, copywriters, scriptwriters, video operators ...

And there seems all righ and no problems! But this is not the case, and the problem is still present here.
Imagine that you are an entrepreneur or an employee and you have a new, promising products that you want to promote on the market closely while many competitors. You do not have the experience of PR technologies, but decide Activities in promotion of their own because of the lack of a serious budget for these tasks. You will find online or on the recommendation of the familiar web-studio and order her to work with a site dedicated to the subject, find a copywriter - a freelancer to write good texts for the website and leaflets, hire a photographer for a photo shoot, and then look for post production, to quality, but not very expensive to make a couple of films for placement on the Internet, in the TV studio book short commercials for regional TV and cable networks.
As a result of all this bustle you get, as a rule, a set of different advertising and information products of varying quality not united by an advertising concept and the same style. One does not fit in with the others, contradictions and generally looks pretty shabby and amateurish. But you do not see this, start the advertising campaign and losing to competitors, which all look more stylish and more convincing. But the truth is that your products are not worse than, you know that's for sure, you just could not apply it correctly. And you begin to realize that PR - technology should be dealt with by professionals, not only at the level of production of certain components (rollers, brochures, presentations, web sites) but also at the level of the overall management of the entire process.

You now have only two choices: either to create within the company a PR-department, where specialists will be engaged in the production of all media products under the unified leadership of an experienced PR-manager, or contact such companies as "RAMedia ". The second option is much cheaper but comparable performance:

  1. We make all the integrated media: Web sites, photo sessions, video, movies, presentations, audio and video commercials, texts for publications, layouts for printing Print and digital media, and more. You no longer need to refer to dozens of different studios and freelancers, you work with only one performer - it's convenient.
  2. We are publishing the manufactured product on the Internet and other media, and follow the progress of the advertising company, achieving success. Our final product is not a promotional video, a booklet, website or film, and the success of your company, the fame and popularity of the product, the brand, the prosperity of the business.
  3. We are working closely with the entire structure of your company: production, Manager and regional representatives. In other words, we work as work to your own PR - department, but it is cheaper only because the performance allows us to work with several companies at the same time.


RAMedia is not a typical commercial company in the usual sense of the word. We are an association of producers of the media-content, - different types of studios and freelancers, who are united on a creative group to perform teamwork under the unified leadership of managers RAMedia. Participants did not united a single territory of the office, place of residence and even country. We all work "on distance" taking advantage of modern communication technologies: Skype, cloud technologies, common servers and web interfaces sharing. Current composition of the team has no permanent quantity, it expands or contracts as a network structure based on the current workload and funding. Remains unchanged only the managerial structure of the company:

  1. Director (overall project management)
  2. The Chief designer (web design, photo, printing)
  3. The Chief video produser(video -production, filming, editing)
  4. The Chief sound produser (sound design, recoding, edeting)
  5. The Chief copywriter (texts, articles, scripts)
  6. The Chief Programmer (functional web sites)
  7. The Chief marketing specialist (promotion in media and Internet, SEO)
  8. The technical director (hardware, software)
That's managerial staff brings it all together, produces a total advertising concept, a single style, and is responsible for the end result to the customer.
Creative people and teams from around the world are taking part in the work of our company, but our headquarters - a small editing studio in Tver, located in the heart of Russia on the Volga River. We call it the studio "RA" or "sun's studio". Here we are making final product, this is our office.


All it began in 1988. In Tver, opened a small studio professional recording TSS-Records. There were written many singer-songwriters, bards, rock band. Two years later, in 1990, the studio also became involved in film sound production, collaborating with such renowned film companies as Lenfilm, Moldova-film, Gorky Studio and others. Three years later, in 1993 the studio began to cooperate with regional TV companies (STRC, TV6) for the production of video and audio advertising. Thus, we're gradually expanding our activities involving new creative people. With the development of the Internet, we have become a company of the integrated internet marketing and PR - technologies. In 1999, we rebranded the company and it became known as "RAMedia".

Our main team

Director Sobolev VI

Designer Guseva NA

Video produser Tkachev VV

Sound produser Kuznetsov AM

Chief Programmer Gross YV

Web-designer, programmer Sobolev VV

Copywriter Tsurkan DA

Marketing specialist Sherbina EV